Day 3

Saturday 12th December

As a new addition to the EIBA Annual Conference, we invite proposals for workshops to be conducted on Day 3 of the conference. Workshops focus on a specific field or topic associated with IB research, teaching, or administration, and should help participants to develop in the respective field. Examples could be “Teaching Online”, “State of the Art in Research Area XY”, research methods workshops, workshops focusing on media management, or any other topic of interest to a relevant segment of the EIBA audience. The specific set-up (i.e., time, length, session structure, degree of audience involvement, number of active participants, need for pre-registration, etc.) depends on the specific focus of the workshop and organizer preferences. Not all parts of a workshop need to be recorded, but we encourage recording at least part of the workshop to make it accessible to a wider audience. The workshop proposal should include a brief motivation for the workshop, an intended outline (including format, length, etc.) of the workshop, and a list of organizers and faculty members facilitating the event. Maximum length of the proposal is 1,000 words.


Please submit your workshop proposal via e-mail to (and not via the online submission system).


The submission deadline for EIBA 2020 Online workshop proposals is Monday, October 19, 2020.

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