Submissions (with the exception of workshops) work through our conference management and delivery system EventsAIR. All EIBA 2020 related online activity will take place in the EventsAIR system. You can submit papers (competitive and interactive), panels, and posters by clicking on the button below.

As every year, multiple submission types exist: papers (competitive, interactive), panel proposals and posters. In addition, EIBA 2020 will also accept workshop submissions.

All these submissions (except for workshops) are administered through EventsAIR (which you can access by clicking on the button below), which we will also use to deliver the online conference.

Please direct workshop submissions to eiba[at]

Submission: Papers, Panels and Posters


Papers: September 14, 2020

Panels: September 14, 2020
Posters: October 19, 2020

Workshops: October 19, 2020


1. Theme Track: IB in the pandemic and post-pandemic era

Track chair: Philippe Gugler

2. Knowledge Management and Innovation

Track chair: Cristina Villar

3. Geography and International Business

Track chair: Bo Nielsen

4. MNEs and Sustainable Development

Track chairs: Valentina De Marchi & John Dilyard

5. MNEs, Institutions, and Policy

Track chair: Kristin Brandl

6. MNE Organization and Strategy

Track chair: Desislava Dikova

7. International Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance

Track chair: Jakob Müllner

8. International HRM and Cross Cultural Issues

Track chair: Dana Minbaeva

9. International Marketing

Track chairs: Sami Saarenketo & Dirk Morschett

10. SMEs and International Entrepreneurship

Track chairs: Ulrike Mayrhofer & Constantina Kottaridi

11. Emerging Markets

Track chairs: Ilan Alon & Andrei Panibratov

Special track: Teaching in IB